This object has been designed as a volume, formed by the combination of two moulded sheets that have been welded together. The concave space between the superior and the inferior plate is filled with a special gel. Preheated in the oven or cooled in the freezer, the gel keeps its temperature for a longer period. In both situations numerous dishes can be served.
If not used as a dish warmer or cooler Caldafreddo is an aesthetic object that goes far beyond what’s just functional

Ø 380 mm
h 90 mm
2.883,5 gr

silver 925/1000

selected for “Een Pronkstuk in Zilver” 2006 Schoonhoven Netherlands
honoured with Good Design Award 2007 from Chicago Athenaeum
nominated for Designpreis 2009 from German government
nominated with honorable mention for Design at Work Awards 2008
honoured with Red Dot Design Award 2009 “best of the best”